Monday, September 24, 2007

Great review for 68 Knots!

Several people have asked me for reviews for 68 Knots. Here's the latest:

This reviewer wrote: "A more inventive yarn i have not read. What unfolds is a novel about adventure, exploration, self-discovery, teamwork and mystery. It moves fast and takes some pretty outrageous turns that I didn't mind at all because they were eloquently handled.... It's unlike anything I have ever read.... It is quite simply a fun read with considerable insight into human behavior. It even made me laugh out loud and cry in public.... What a great read!"


dnbpat said...
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dnbpat said...

Wow! What a great book! I enjoyed it and my teenage daughters have read it many times over and are now lending it out to their friends. A fast-paced, humorous and well told novel. Leaves us all hoping your next novel is published soon!

Karis said...

I just finished 68 Knots. I couldn't put it down. :) It was an advanced copy - I don't know when the final edit will be released, but I'm tempted to sit down and read that one, just to see what changes will be made. It was fun, and I was totally enthralled in the characters and the story. It's one of those rare books I find that I can literally sit for hours at a time and read. :)